MIZUBASHO Artist Series


2020 Tsurutaro Kataoka

The MIZUBASHO Artist Series is a collaborative project with artists who support the Oze Mizubasho Project. We are asking artists to draw the Mizubasho flower and reflect it in the label design. By bringing art to Japanese sake we aim to create added value. The first artist is actor Tsurutaro Kataoka. He has a long history of projects with the town of Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture, including the Tsurutaro Kataoka Museum of Art managed by the Kusatsu Hotel. Tsurutaro himself has been drinking MIZUBASHO sake for many years.

MIZUBASHO Artist Series


2022 Tsurutaro Kataoka

For the Mizubasho Artist Series, artists who support the Oze Mizubasho Project bring added value for our sake through art by creating a label design that reflects the mizubasho. The second label in the series, which launched last year, is a work by actor Tsurutaro Kataoka. For this label, he envisioned the image of the woman we aim to reach through the Mizubasho Artist Series. The Mizubasho Artist Series is also engaged in two key SDG pillars–environmental issues and women’s empowerment. The label expresses a forward-looking woman who is strong, beautiful, and dignified in any environment. Mr. Kataoka has a long history in Gunma Prefecture where he operates a hotel in Kusatsu and the Kataoka Tsurutaro Museum.